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УкраїнаДніпропетровська областьПетриківський р-н, с. Гречане, вул. Нова 5-аравликова ферма "Вілла Греція"

Snail caviar “Almaz” , 30 g

Snail caviar “Almaz” , 30 g
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Snail caviar “Almaz” , 30 g
В наявностіSnail caviar “Almaz” , 30 g
+380 показати номер
+380 показати номер
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Snail caviar “Almaz” Preserved, unpasteurized. Contents: sea salt, Helix aspersa Maxima snail eggs Term of storage: 6 months at t +2 С,+4 С. Glass can: 30 g. Manufacturer: Farming Enterprise ZDRAVLYK, Ukraine. Certified with ISO 22000:2005 Different colors are offered: usually white, by request: cream-colored or pink. No preservatives, no food additives, no dyes. Since ancient times, wealthy gourmets have been eager to taste more and more exotic dishes from around the world. Meat of Mediterranean snails has long been a recognized delicacy of the European and other cuisines. In local restaurants of the Old World, this is not exotic any more but rather a quite traditional dish. But, probably, very few have heard about such delicacy as snail caviar, and only chosen ones have had the luck to taste it. Snail caviar is a gourmet-level caviar, consisting of freshly processed eggs of land snails. In English texts this delicacy appears under a romantic name of “Pearl of Aphrodite.” Many renowned chefs from all over the world use snail caviar to create their diverse culinary masterpieces. At the table snails will be appropriate as a snack for sparkling wines, they are added to soups, and also served in other ways. The most common are toasts or tartlets with the caviar and sour cream. It can be served in salads, broths, as well as a the main course for light alcoholic beverages.
White snail caviar is an aphrodisiac known since the ancient Greece. These days, the caviar can only be ordered in prestigious restaurants in France, Spain, Japan, the USA and other countries of the world. Try the taste of a rainy summer, autumn mushrooms and sea pearls! The snails lay eggs once a year. The standard clutch is about 100 eggs, weighing 4 grams, each with a size of 4 mm. We have to put a lot of effort to get a small can of this exotic caviar. At specialized snail farms, a snail puts eggs in a pot with a special ground, from which the eggs are picked for washing - this is a part of the snail caviar selection technology. A complexity of this process, an extremely low egg-laying capacity and a high cost of breeding stocks of Mediterranean snails Helix aspersa Muller and Helix aspersa Maxima justify the high price of the final product – salted snail caviar.
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Країна виробникУкраина
Види чорної ікриИкра улитки
СкладИкра улитки Helix aspersa Maxima, соль
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